Exploring Meiji Shrine, Tokyo

Curiosity, I believe, is one of the main reasons why travelling has been a big part of me. I get curious about anything. From food, history, culture, and religion included– which is why exploring a shinto shrine on my trip to Japan was definitely a must. On my visit I discovered that the Japanese religion focuses on ritual practises to be done, of course, with dedication. And while I was there, I got to try some of them out as well. I feel like my sense of spirituality is developed whenever I make a conscious effort to get to know more about beliefs I haven’t been accustomed to. Visiting the shrine definitely taught me that regardless of differences, it should never be hard to fall for anything that deserves our love. Here is a collection of photos from my visit to the Meiji Shrine. Enjoy! dsc00353dsc00362Photo credit: Ellie Eigenmanndsc00385dsc00412dsc00342dsc00422dsc00456The wooden tablets shown above are called Ema in Japanese. They are used by worshippers to write down their prayers and wishes. Ellie and I got one to wish our loved ones well. You hang it in a designated area in the shrine as a traditional way to send out the prayers to the gods.dsc00468dsc00455dsc00448dsc00467dsc00485Photo credits: Geoff Eigenmanndsc00490dsc00504dsc00510dsc00513

For your info, the Meiji Shrine is located right next to the Harajuku Station in Shibuya. It’s also beside Yoyogi Park.

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