All The Street Food We Ate: Seoul, Korea

One of the highlights of my last trip to Seoul was eating all the Korean street food we set our eyes on. Seoul really is a foodie haven! IMG_0535A 32cm tall cone of soft serve ice cream, green tea flavoured. Need I say more?IMG_0556IMG_0562Gukhwappang, or red bean waffles in english. IMG_0568Dried squid and octopus. This was my favorite.IMG_0563IMG_0575Tteok- galbi meatballs on a stick. They come in different sauces. I chose the garlic one.IMG_0604Twigim, or Korean style tempura and some korean dimsum. The ones covered in cling wrap is called Kimbap, or seaweed rice rolls. Much like Japan’s makimono. The red sauce on the upper left of the photo are called ddeokbokki or spicy rice cakes. They serve it on a stick. I just had to mention it because I remember this being my nephew Josh’s favorite! So I’m sure it’s good.IMG_0593IMG_0603Potato tornado. I bought one for Ellie, and we ended up buying one for each of us because it was actually really tasty and cooked perfectly.IMG_0606Chicken skewers. Much like Japan’s yakitori, except it comes in different marinades, sweet, spicy, salt& pepper, and the like. This was another favorite of mine, as the good taste of the sauce comes with the tender bite of the chicken, and the crunch of the leeks. Perfect combination.IMG_0610Koreans seem to love ice cream so much. And I do get it, because their ice cream is really, really good.IMG_0616Last but not the least, Bundegi. The most exotic one from the bunch are actually boiled silkworm larvae. I was challenged by my sibs to actually try it out, and well, as much as it was a struggle getting the idea of eating a bug out of my head, well, it just tasted like peanuts. Not so bad!

Other favorites that are not in the photos above: fried korean pancakes called Hotteok; Egg bread; Boong-uh-ppang, or goldfish bread. Get it with ice cream inside!

2 thoughts on “All The Street Food We Ate: Seoul, Korea

  1. What camera do you use? 🙂

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