In the form of this blog entry, I’d like to express my sincerest gratitude to Mega Magazine for allowing me to grace the cover of this year’s Most Beautiful issue. It was truly an honor, specially being amongst nine other exceedingly beautiful (and talented) women. This year’s theme is “odd pretty” and they chose their girls based on who (in the industry) they believe embody being unconventionally beautiful. And I must say, it was the theme in particular that made me even more glad that they had chosen me to lead this year’s bunch. This just goes to show that slowly but surely, people are starting to acknowledge me as the person I want them to. Being recognized as an artist who is about something so much more than the way I look and making people smile by smiling, is the best compliment I can ever receive from anyone. _DSC7964

The issue is all about embracing your flaws. It’s about learning to stop trying to be just like everyone else and loving yourself for who you truly are. I believe that the secret to being beautiful comes with confidence, acceptance, and contentment within one’s self. It’s about realizing that each and everyone of us is unique, and that’s what makes all of us beautiful.

To everyone reading this entry, I’d like to invite all of you to grab a copy of this month’s (May) Mega Magazine, and get to know the rest of the beautiful women.(:MEGA-mayv2-2014

Make up by : Jake Galvez

Hair by: Jay Wee

Styling by: Patrick Galang

Photographed by: Bj Pascual



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1 thought on “#MakingMegaWithAndi

  1. Hi Andi,
    I admire your confidence and beauty. Not only do you inspire me, but I am now realizing that I should not compare and try to be like other people.
    Maybe the reason why I always try to compare myself with others, is because the mere fact that I did not grow up with a father figure. Although my mom remarried, I still didn’t feel the fatherly love. But I learned that I should not let that fact put me down. I want to move forward and embrace my well being.
    I want to live happy… Well anyways, enough of my drama. I am really happy to get across your blog.

    P.s. I used to be a chub chub, and so did you. Haha that is one of the reason I like you. Hahaha

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