The Much Overdue Malacca Photo Diary

It was during the weekend of Laneway festival 2014 in Singapore, when Jake and I realised, while the music festival will most likely be there again next year, we on the other hand can never have too much cities too see. So we decided to take the bus and went on a road trip to one of Malaysia’s most quaint and charming cities: Malacca, because why not??IMG_1380

Our first stop was of course the hotel but fearing that we may not be able to do enough site seeing as we only had a day and a half, we hurried out even before settling down.IMG_1329[the hotel lobby]10392401_10152415728152716_6812756356231133584_nIMG_1136We had merienda cena at The Baboon House. Ranked 2nd best restaurant, among others in the city by TripAdvisor. Other than good veggie burgers, the eccentric interiors of the place gives wonderful ambience. It really pleased my eyes. Sadly, I can’t show you because taking pictures were not allowed inside!:(IMG_1146IMG_1153IMG_1171IMG_1357Dutch SquareIMG_1179Honestly, didn’t expect it to be so tiny, but anything with an interesting story would always be worth it to me! The plaza is also called the Red Square well because other than it being coloured red, it was also the center of administration for the Dutch, who seized Malacca away from the Portuguese, and stuck around until the British later on invaded the city. IMG_1175These flamboyant pedicabs are called trishaws. I don’t know if I am just really easily contented, but riding these trishaws, specially with cultural, upbeat music playing as we go around the city, was actually so much fun!IMG_1257 Jonker’s Walk Night Market along Jalan Hang Jebat StreetIMG_1275IMG_1265A long stretch of carts and vendors selling Malaysian street food and other cheap finds, and street performers! This might actually be the liveliest place in the city, specially at night.IMG_1276IMG_1282IMG_1283IMG_128910362856_10152415752662716_5979142453731771771_nIMG_1296 For dinner, we pretty much just had a taste of whichever looked good. Then for dessert we tried out their cendol. A bowl filled with crushed ice, coconut milk, green noodles and sweet red beans, topped with gula melaka, a rich caramelized palm sugar flavoured with pandan leaves. Very similar to our halo-halo.DCIM101GOPRODCIM101GOPRODCIM101GOPROIMG_1261DCIM101GOPRO This city is seriously so tiny that you can get everywhere by foot. (Riding in trishaws is just more fun tho!lol) Come 2pm, we already saw everything! And so instead of leaving at 8pm, we moved our trip back to SG at 3pm!10372059_10152415799302716_1880496598164131348_n10388073_10152415732222716_3494714540411519830_nIMG_155410336653_10152415796442716_5827781172151862603_n10320274_10152415798877716_184207218263625130_nI really enjoyed these chicken rice balls! They were my fave amongst all the rest.10382178_10152415761482716_504412035826450615_nIMG_1414Going up a hill to check out the roofless St. Paul’s Church 10177319_10152415780137716_6147118490672277161_n Trying my best to understand whats going on here. #architecture #suchpretentiousness hahaha10366074_10152415778327716_3630259501268527964_n The Sultanate Palace– actually just a replica, which also serves as Melaka’s cultural museumIMG_1469The Forbidden Garden10401493_10152415785817716_3513292516013921261_n A’ Famosa Fort, a portuguese colonial structure and one of the oldest european- built structures in asia. 10418218_10152415794447716_6440633827918872067_n10246623_10152415803687716_4546308739835713778_n1604472_10152415801617716_7938683018964307800_nIMG_1489IMG_1501IMG_1505Our last stop was snack time at Nancy’s Kitchen, an old restaurant located really near Jonker Street that sells addictive sweets and amazing Nyonya Laksa. 10407066_10152415805282716_341794045002474223_nIMG_1509IMG_1513IMG_1511IMG_153110426577_10152415807412716_8050142687204785858_n10365939_10152415768012716_9141498117523020632_n


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2 thoughts on “The Much Overdue Malacca Photo Diary

  1. love those colorful pedicabs! whats the name of the hotel you stayed at? It looks homey and private. 🙂

  2. Great photo diary which makes me want to hop on a plane and travel!

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