Baguio: Off For Some Lunch

[Late Post]

One thing about us you might’ve realised for now, is the fact that dancing– random dancing in public places is something Ellie and I just love to do! Of course Baguio shall not be an exception!IMG_2330IMG_2327IMG_2337IMG_2339IMG_2340IMG_2333IMG_2334Andi: Ushanka- thrifted; Linda Farrow sunnies; Zara jumper; F21 high waisted shorts; Burberry boots; F21 thigh high socks; Marc by Marc Jacobs Classic Q Percy Shoulder Bag

Ellie: SM accessories sunnies; mini Balenciaga City

8 thoughts on “Baguio: Off For Some Lunch

  1. Ellie is so cute! Im also a young single mom with a 6 month old baby and you’re an inspiration andi cause you didnt chase down ellie’s dad and you are now happy (&successful) with your fluffy cute baby. ♥♥

    btw, want to send ellie some of my hand made hair bows and head dress. Please email me where i can send it thanks!! ☺

  2. Hi Andi! What camera did you use to take these photos?

  3. Hey Andi! What camera did you use to take these photos? Thanks!

  4. awwww .. so cool! so sweet of you both! #cute

  5. Sooo adorable! Lucky kid to have a mom like you! 🙂

    P.S. We sent you your new sunnies already! Hope you received it na. Sent it at VIVA office. And upon checking it says you receied it already! OMG I can’t wait to see your blog post with it so I can add you to my Celebrity Style page!!! Thanks Andi! You can visit my page at 🙂

  6. Super love the boots and your Ushanka hat!!!!!!!!!

  7. nagwalk out si belle? hihi what a cute lovely mom and daughter bonding! hope you’ll post more 😉

  8. Super cute #thebelle
    Ako na yung first fan nya as in !
    super duper cuteness

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