The Harry Potter Experience, Watford UK

As a huge fan, I was very grateful to have gotten the chance to take a tour around the Harry Potter Studios in Watford, and check out the actual sets, props and costumes used in the film! The 11y.o. in me was just ecstatic! To think she sent about a hundred letters to J.K. and Harry Potter himself hoping they would give me the chance to at least take a peek into Hogwarts. THE school of witchcraft and wizardry. Who knew that after another 11yrs, my wish would actually be granted! What do you know, Like I always say, DREAMS DO COME TRUE! I believe 22y.o. me deserves a good pat on the back from 11y.o. Andi!

Forgive me for not having enough I was too busy relishing the moment, but here is cold hard proof that magic really IS real!


Harry’s room: the cupboard under the stairs in Little Winging


At this point my heart was raising to its maximum. I was so ready to see what was behind those doors!


Yes. The iconic Great Hall.


All the Professor’s costumes displayed at the end, worn by mannequins sure made me feel like my name would be called out soon to be sorted into a house. Ravenclaw would be pretty cool. But then I wouldn’t be the


Fun story behind these paintings is that these wizards are actually members of the production who had time to pose in front of the artists!


Felt like I came across Dumbledore’s ghost.


One of my favorite characters from the Goblet of Fire, Fleur delacour’s costume.



The Weasley’s home!


The horcruxes. “Ron, kill it!!”


the spatulas in the cauldrons were actually mixing on its own. Pure magic methinks!


Got to try out Butterbeer and it was so delish!!


knocking lang sa 4 Privet Drive while drinking butterbeer pag may time.


I would’ve so had a “muni-muni” shot taken here like almost the entire cast if there werent much people.ha-ha


some of the chess pieces from The Sorcerer’s stone.


Walking around Diagon Alley. When I was 11 I told my mom I would go here, and she said she would take me if only it existed. ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE IF YOU JUST BELIEVE.


wand picking time at Olivander’s! Trivia: All the boxes were named after each member of the cast and crew and had unique wands inside carved just for them. No two were alike!


And this was the part where I just had to cry my heart out. In the inside of course. You know me Im very shy. But you could really see it in my face. No words could best describe how happy I was. This was the best part, with the musical scoring in the background and everything. This was where it all sank in: 11 year old Andi’s dream has officially come true! It was such an amazing experience I hope to share this with my Ellie someday.

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12 thoughts on “The Harry Potter Experience, Watford UK

  1. Thanks Andi for sharing you experience!

  2. Andi! Did you not visit Azkaban?? If yes, how did it look like in person? hehe. -labialrecords

  3. Owwwww. ♥♥ Awesome andi! that’s my dream too. I envy you! hihihi. Thanks for sharing!! :***

  4. Happy for you 🙂

  5. I share the same ecstatic feeling when I went there! It was magical and wicked! Love all your photos 🙂

  6. if i was there i would be feeling that im part of the movie. it is so cool to be there. i wish i could go there too. but as you said once you dream of something that dream will come true. so i hope i could go there.

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    Amazing! 🙂

  8. inggit!!!!! The kid in me is crying!! i want to go to hogwarts too! 😦

  9. Wow! ❤ from a Harry Potter fan to another, I am very happy for you, Andi! I want to visit the HP studios someday too!

  10. thanks andi.. for your sharing experience ^_^

  11. Hi! Ate Andi I super love your blog kahit pa ngayon ko lang nalaman na nagbloblog ka din pala. I super love Harry Potter too at sinabi ko din sa parents ko na pupunta ko sa Diagon Alley pag 11 na ko kaso napanuod ko yung series ng Harry Potter 12 na ko. Haha =) More power Ate Andi!

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