The Mystery Cab Tour, Liverpool

Here’s a throwback of photographs from THE BEST overnight stay I had in the most boring city I’ve ever been to.

In early 2012, I took a train to visit the hometown of the English boys that made me fall in love w (their) rock n roll. Yes, I took a tour around Liverpool and stood on the very streets them boys grew up in! *kiliiiig*

ImageWaiting for a cab outside the train estacione.

ImageLambananas everywhere.


Some cemented luggages, cases, etc of important people from Liverpool. Includes of course, the members of The Beatles.Image

Here is a photo of myself outside the school that the boys (‘cept John) had attended as teens.ImageImage

These are photographs of and inside this little bar that John used to hang out at almost everyday instead of going to class.


U-huh. I also walked in the very street my movie idol, AARON JOHNSON walked in as young John whilst filming “Nowhere Boy”.Image

Fake running over mr. cab driver sir. His idea. lolImageImage

Appaz, there have been many instances wherein the sign (above) had been stolen by tourists, fans, etc, and so they had to pain the street sign on the wall in stead.HAH!Image

again, credits to mr. cab driver. (sya din nag direct!)Image

Messing up the lyrics (may pinagmanahan ako), young John performing w The Quarry men, was first seen and heard by young Paul in this very space.Image

As a boy, young John would always visit this graveyard and just hang around here to write some songs or whatever. And this is the very tombstone he was at when he wrote… Go figure!


Here was the hall where John and Paul met up to start a band and the rest was history


childhood homes of Ringgo Starr and George Harrison respectively.Image

childhood home of Paul McCartneyImage

Mendips– childhood home of John Lennon.. See below!ImageImage

An old school movie theatre. This really brought me back to their time!Image

A photo from outside of Cavern Club. THE place where the band would regularly play at. My favorite part of the trip! I feel like I went back in time!!!

PS. Nothing but two drunk strangers asking me to snap a photo of them w their huge smiles!hahaha loved it!Image

From inside. Yr. 2013


Yr. 1960s


A photo from outside the Beatles Story Museum. Haven’t got much pics from inside because I was immensely focused on reading and listening to the stories about their lives. Image

This is Stuart Sutcliffe. THE HOTTEST BEATLE EVER!!! Thank you Andi for introducing him to us. Your welcy. 😀ImageImage

“This is not here”

The route ended with some sort of tribute to John Lennon with everything white and images and articles of his life after the band.

“Fads don’t last, but it should be clear by now that The Beatles are no ordinary fad.” – The Beatles

“The world used us as an excuse to go mad”- George Harrison

“Imagine.”- John Lennon

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2 thoughts on “The Mystery Cab Tour, Liverpool

  1. thankx for the a beatles just 20 y,.o sound weird for others but for me its cool.

  2. who took these photos? nice! 🙂

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