Where’s Ellie

Today, Ellie went swimming on a pile of pretty dresses by Sassa Jimenez, Veejay Floresca and Erik delos Santos. 😀 it was.. Fabulous.haha Adrianne and I got busy trying on outfits for tonight’s event and silly me, I forgot about Ellie lying on my bed. Next thing I knew she was swimming in perfect draping, great texture, sparkly sequins and class!

No worries guys, she didn’t “drown” in them.  I just edited the position of the dresses to make it look funnier in the photo. lol

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5 thoughts on “Where’s Ellie

  1. awts! cute little princess 😀

  2. she’s so cute!

  3. my god! I don’t know how to describe Ellie’s prettyness.. she’s really really really cute, pretty, beautiful, and such an adorable baby..I don’t know why, I just keep on staring to your cute little princess.. 🙂

  4. So cute….take care ur lil angel:)

  5. Little Ellie already knows class! Not surprised, Andrea’s her mother. ❤ We miss you!

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