Where To Eat, Tokyo

In my opinion, Japan is easily one of the best places to visit in the world. And the main reason of course is, FOOD. Here are just some of what and where I ate in my last visit to Tokyo, Japan.

Katsukura Kyoto Tonkatsu at Takashimaya, Shinjuku. Katsu recently became a fad around Manila, with different Japanese restaurants popping up here and there, specialising on the dish. I was never big on it, but because I was already in Tokyo, why not go ahead and try. This is one of the best katsu places, according to google. Originating in Kyoto, the meals were kind of pricey, but to my family, it was well worth it, as our stomach’s were full and satisfied.DSC00054DSC00049

Ichiran, at Sanpo Sogo Bldg, Harajuku. Just like Katsu, ramen has been such a fad in Manila lately, and I was always the only person I knew who just never bothered to try it. For a quick explanation, before I dubbed myself a BIG foodie, I was not so big in pork and because the “best” types of ramen were mostly pork- based, why even bother. Anyway, but since I was already in Japan, enjoying my new found life as an adventurous eater (wow, as if ramen is so exotic. haha), I was so excited to check out if the Ichiran hype was real. AND IT WAS. I loved everything about it: From ordering through vending machines, to the individual seating, which I’ve learned is the best way one should experience their ramen, to the price. Ichiran is definitely going to be a staple restaurant for the next time I g back to Japan.DSC00172DSC00179DSC00184

Tsunahachi, at Nakano Sakaue Bldg, Nakano-ku. One of the best tempura restaurants according to Lady Iron Chef and recommended by friends, I made sure to check this place out as I’ve always been curious about what actual tempura tasted like in Japan. In addition, this is a staple kid’s meal for when the family goes out to eat at our fave Japanese spots when in Manila. As much as I did love it, and the experience was worth it, I think it trying it once is more than enough. The tempura, as expected, tasted good, from the fresh seafood to the crispy thin batter. But we didn’t get full as every order was just a bit overpriced, considering the serving size was small. I would recommend this for a foodie couple who are willing to spend on good quality tempura, but not for big families with kids, like mine.IMG_1598IMG_1588

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