Malasimbo Lights & Dance Festival

Every year, I spend Holy Week hitting the beach last minute with friends and family. And of course, being that last minute bookings at this time in the Philippines are close to impossible, we can only achieve spending our vacation somewhere close by and with a guarantee of a whole lot of other people. So this year, I decided to do things differently. As my friends and I started our week at Tali beach Batanggas, we drove up to the Batanggas port to take the boat to Puerto Galera, Mindoro to attend this year’s Malasimbo Lights and Dance Festival. It was my first time to go but I assume, this one was definitely not as packed as the previous ones. Because considering it was Holy Week, the fact that not much people attended, made it feel so intimate, like I had this secret forest all to myself, with good local music (by the likes of Curtismith, LDP, Skarm, etc.), and GREAT food, was so magical to me. I would definitely go back next year to check out the arts festival, which would probably be more my cup of tea, I just hope it wont be during the same time anymore.

Of course, a quick shoot must be done inside the Malasimbo shuttle that was a jeepney.


We were so in awe by the view of the peak of Mt. Malasimbo that we had no idea where to go to get to the event. So us being us, we just guessed.
Obviously, we went the wrong way, and technically trespassed. By accident! And because karma is everywhere, we then had to trek back up the other side of the Mountain because we won’t be able to avail of anything without RFID’s which were only available at the actual entrance. Ok lang. Work out na din!


SAMSUNG CSCI personally enjoyed exploring the area to check out the pretty visuals hanging everywhere. Just like this jellyfish.

SAMSUNG CSCDSC03125DSC03115DSC03101DSC03130DSC03131DSC03162DSC03170DSC03169DSC03173DSC03181


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