Pinto Art Museum

Being just 40minutes away from civilisation, and with an entrance fee of Php180 (Php100 for students), the Pinto Art Museum is one of my top recommendations for the best alternatives to going to the beach this summer. Located in a quiet subdivision in Antipolo Rizal, Pinto is the perfect place to visit for an afternoon of relaxation, and a feast for the eyes. A group of [seemingly] Spanish/ Mediterranean country style structures are homes to great art by some of the Philippine’s most talented artists.This place perfectly married two of the things I love most, art and nature! I was so impressed at how they were able to maintain the health and beauty of their lovely garden. I believe it’s what makes the property as picturesque as it is, and that’s what makes it special.DSC03189IMG_3806IMG_3786IMG_3804DSC03208IMG_3809DSC03302DSC03216DSC03308DSC03339DSC03432DSC03414DSC03527DSC03437DSC03473DSC03630IMG_4021IMG_4032IMG_3971(my outfit: top and bottom, Topshop. Red Jasper (crystal necklace), Crystal Age. Sunnies, Dior)

2 thoughts on “Pinto Art Museum

  1. Andi, what camera are you using?

    1. Im currently using a Sony a6000 🙂

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