Calaguas Travel Guide

The pristine island of Calaguas, is located in the province of Camarines Norte. We had scheduled our trip with a tour group organised by Sand View Travel. Joining the tour group means that all you have to do is pack your travel essentials (they will provide a list of things to bring. Also, be sure to have all your gadgets charged and what not, as there is only electricity in the whole island from 6pm to 5am), and get yourself to Daet City where the organisers will meet up with you. You can get there either via a plane ride to Naga City, then a 2 hour bus ride to Daet, or via an 8 hour bus ride straight there. (There is a package that provides a van for the group to take you to Manila and back, in fact this is what we chose, but I wouldn’t recommend this as 8 hours is way too long to be cramped up like sardines with 11 other people.) From the port in Daet, you will need to take a 2 hour boat ride which finally takes you to Calaguas.DSC02869DSC02876DSC02897

The package also includes: A buffet of good pinoy food for breakfast, lunch and dinner, and unlimited local wine (lambanog).DSC02898 – Snorkelling gear and the like. Which I believe is crucial , as the waters in Calaguas were the clearest waters I’ve ever set my mermaid self in, in my entire life. It was literally like a dream, as the sand too was the finest, whitest, cleanest I have ever seen (and I’ve been to a bunch of amazing beaches in my lifetime). What’s odd was that there seemed to be no underwater animals and organisms around.DSC02901DSC03048DSC02899 – A tent for you to pitch and bunk in with a buddy or 3 (your choice), we didn’t need one though because although we would’ve been perfectly fine camping out, we thought it’d be best to be sure and get a proper place to stay in as it was our first time.DSC02915DSC02900 We booked a room at Waling – Waling, the only existing resort in the whole island. It was about a 5 minute walk from where the rest of the group were, so it wasn’t a hassle at all. The kubol we got was for 6. It was like an elevated Nipa hut with a porch downstairs and our own bathroom. (The other type of room, which is good for 2-4 pax, doesn’t come with its own loo.)DSC02905DSC02913DSC03044DSC03018 DSC0290613000542_10154282678544734_1051545455_o– The package also comes with a little shindig happening at night, complete with a host, performances by the host themselves, an open bar, and an option to do karaoke with the rest of the group. This bit of the trip wasn’t necessarily our cup of tea, as we were looking for a more “chill” ambience to cap off our night, so we only stayed a bit and then walked back to our kubol soon after dinner and a few beers. This was also because we were only in the island for a night, and we had to wake up early for our departure was before lunch time. Part of the package was a side trip to Bagasbas beach in Daet to go surfing. Unfortunately we weren’t able to do that as majority of the people in our van had work the next day and couldn’t afford to arrive so late in Manila.DSC03054DSC03058DSC03063I am currently looking back at this recent trip to Calaguas, and remembering one of the slowest, most dramatic and most scenic sunset I have witnessed in my life, and wishing I could come back soon. This time making sure I stay for at the least, 2 nights.13035423_10154282679164734_849792160_o13016470_10154282679339734_332558789_o



13 thoughts on “Calaguas Travel Guide

  1. Ang ganda! The beach and sunset were both amazing! =D

  2. how much is the the nipa hut per night?

    1. nipa hut we stayed in was around Php8,000/night for 6pax. Prices are subject to change though so you should check out the link to waling-waling above, to inquire 🙂

  3. Reblogged this on carinavanana and commented:
    A piece of heaven on earth. 😍🌴🌊

  4. Alanis Jade Madrid May 14, 2016 — 8:02 pm

    Where do you edit your photos? 😊

    1. I barely edit! I don’t really know how haha for the basic stuff I just use the Iphoto editor on my iMac 🙂

  5. Nakakinlove talaga! We booked our packaged at anahaw tour services much more cheaper than to that villa i think and they have a nearby beach hop. which have a beautiful waves slamming into a beautiful rock formation. A good uphill view too.

  6. Been there! What a great island. Its so nice and quiet. You can only hear the end waves. You should have been there on weekdays. There just so few people.

  7. Andi, what camera do you use? Nag go-go pro ka? How about SA Tokyo rip mo anong camera ? Ganda kasi eh. 😍

    1. Hey! For this one, A Canon S120 and Sony A6000 🙂

  8. Hi andie what camera did you use in these photos?
    BTW, great blog. ☺

    1. Canon s120 and a6000 for this trip 🙂

  9. i was there last May 28! paradise! :))

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