The Henann Experience, Bohol

DSC01845Just last month, right before summer officially kicked in, I flew to Bohol via Air Asia (big thanks for accommodating us!) for a relaxing stay at Henann Resort, located right in the middle of the strip of dive resorts and restaurants on Alona Beach, Panglao City. After such a relaxing stay at I must say one of Bohol’s finest hotels, an adventure within the city (both via land and water), and a lot of amazing FOOD from Henann’s very own Sea Breeze restaurant (and many more), it was most definitely one for the books, all thanks to Henann Group of Resorts. DSC01824Coincidentally, the plane we rode going there was the one of Air Asia’s, that had the logo of the resort! Cool beans.DSC02196DSC02192DSC01884I was so happy to find a vegetarian breakfast (not a vegetarian, but I’d usually prefer eating veggies daily) on the menu because not all hotels usually have it, and it wasn’t at all a let down. I could’ve eaten the meal all day.DSC01865DSC01870We were booked in a villa, and this was our view. It also came with its very own swimming pool.DSC02167DSC01863Dinner at Sea Breeze restaurant was most definitely a feast, and one of my favourite parts of the trip. For around 900 pesos/ person, there was a buffet of all the food you’ve been craving for all week. Including, of course, a good selection of grilled seafood, which I very much enjoyed.DSC02228I don’t have a sweet tooth but I would seriously come back to Bohol just for Bohol Bee Farm’s ice cream. This one in particular is malunggay flavoured, topped on a cassava cone. So guilt- free!DSC01836When you’re thinking of planning a trip to Bohol, be sure to have Henann Resort on top of your list in terms of lodging options. I had a blast just staying within the area and was surely well taken care of. I guarantee it will be the same for you! DSC02200

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