But Did You Die: Infanta, Quezon

Flying over to different cities, in different countries of the world is one of my biggest interests. But seeing the world’s beauty within your own country gives a different kind of satisfaction. My friends and I recently went trekking to see several of Infanta, Quezon’s waterfalls. Oh pretty pretty nature, you. It was a three- hour drive from Manila to Infanta, where we stayed at my friends rest house for the whole day and spent half going around the woods and being all nature-istic. (I made that up, yup). 10550921_277882425730039_7639898136726172818_n10525936_277882619063353_1905655638524244464_n10583877_277882652396683_359577076562302813_n10302009_277882569063358_3241302418033072116_n10494555_277882285730053_4453064242419986595_n1239928_277882085730073_4056044969163675809_n10556400_277882539063361_4122416442771727386_n10514472_277882342396714_1846349650202478169_n10552397_277882315730050_947765672066237780_n10473122_277882469063368_5211897616241927825_n

It definitely was not as easy as it looks. But to me, anything I cannot get the chance to do anytime is always worth it. Most especially because, #BUTDIDYOUDIE? We most certainly did not!1233366_277882365730045_7893083969238257424_n

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