Zoobic Safari Adventure

Over the weekend, the Belle and I went on an animal adventure at Zoobic Safari. T’was her first time seeing real live animals in person. I thought that since she’s been learning all about animals and their sounds lately, maybe she would have fun!– I was wrong. I think it was the tiger hitching a ride on top of our jeep that had her terrified! Although, she was happy seeing her favorite– the monkeys! And well, the stuffed animals.HA-HA As for the rest of us, we sure had a lot of fun going around the whole vicinity to check out all the animals and learn all about them. I loved how you could read about interesting facts about the animals at the most random parts of the zoo (like the cubicles in the restrooms!), and how instead of us walking through the area, seeing the animals, caged, just like at your usual zoo, its more of us just walking (driving ) through their home, seeing as 90% of the animals were roaming around the whole area so freey, with only barriers separating those that naturally don’t get along.

It just saddens me that it seems, we tend to have lesser animals by the year. I remember, as a little girl going to Subic every summer, my cousins and I would always get excited to say hello to the monkeys and give them bread as they welcome us back to the town. And how we would always be terrified to walk to the playground behind my aunt’s house because a wild boar might just chase us. Oh believe me! Now, all of them have been caged in this Zoo, expecting them to only multiply, yet turns out Subic itself was more of a petting Zoo years prior to Zoobic being built, when all the animals lived in its respective habitats.

Nevertheless, it was an unforgettable experience for most of us!

IMG_2079IMG_2078IMG_2080IMG_2086Of course we had to check out the “serpentarium” first to pay a visit to my “relativesSsSss”.HA-HAIMG_2088IMG_2090IMG_2093My favorites, this handsome race horse and the super cute pot belly pig!IMG_2099Palamig!IMG_2107IMG_2135IMG_2132Oh no. This was the part where Ellie freaked!:( we should’ve chosen to see these last so she could’ve had the time to warm up with the other animals first.IMG_2143Here we have, my shy type but super nice and sometimes intimidating driver/bouncer Noel, hair dresser/companion/friend/bgy. Kagawad extraordinaire Jorie, our guide Joan, and my longtime friend Janina!IMG_2147IMG_2153IMG_2156IMG_2162IMG_2176Excuse the medical mask! It was just that we didn’t really have much time and we wanted to be able to smoothly go around the Zoo. Also because this trip was more for the Belle having fun and getting to know our animals. I’m sure you guys understand!IMG_2190Feeding the camels..IMG_2204IMG_2209IMG_2205IMG_2201

F21 headband, Ray Ban aviator sunnies, F21 halter top, Topshop high waist shorts, Doc Marten’s, army jacket

3 thoughts on “Zoobic Safari Adventure

  1. Love your blog! Would love to send you shoes for your entries. Please let us know how. Kindly email us or leave a comment over at our instagram account @bercashoestore.

  2. love the outfittttt, btw ilang kg ka na lang :))) share your diet tips i miss your blog! :* take care

  3. Hi miss andi! I just want to ask what camera did you use here? Thanks!

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