Project Pie

Ellie and I love eating out. Yesterday we checked out Project Pie in Eastwood City, and the place really gained a fan in the both of us. It isn’t normal to see the Belle and I at places where there are quite a lot of people (because we’ve been to two of the branches and yes, people really line up for this stuff!) but this time we didn’t bother, because other than the fact that it satisfied our cravings, the concept as a whole is so brilliant! Its interiors are swell (I actually want the same high chairs for my place!), it gives you the idea that even if you are actually waiting in line, you wouldn’t really notice because you’d get too busy look at your options and brainstorming on what to have on your pizza, from the sauce, the cheeses, up to the toppings. Plus, the servers are all so nice and friendly too!! That is super important specially for someone like me who’s basically afraid of peeps. Yeup. IMG_1932IMG_1934 IMG_1907IMG_1909They even let me get right under the “really, really hot” sign! ;PIMG_1937Personally this is great for me because my favorite toppings usually cannot be found on a specific generic flavor. I love mine basically vegetarian with lots of onions and peppers, but with pepperoni! Here’s mine!IMG_1905 This time, Ellie just got mozzarella cheese pizza.IMG_1892 Nomnomnom.IMG_1895IMG_1894IMG_1902 (No, she’s not allowed to drink soda. She just stole mine.. And I let her. CUS SHE’S CUTE!) IMG_1928This really unique looking one is my friend, Janina’s. Now she really had her money’s worth and got her belly stuffed and satisfied alright! She had hers two ways, one side with red sauce and the other with just Olive Oil.

Mucho thanks to everyone who accommodated us and to the sir that gave us a nickel (= free pizza)! AND kudos to the Mister or Madame behind the newest pizza parlor in town for this brilliance. WE LOVE PIZZA!IMG_1946IMG_1954IMG_1953

3 thoughts on “Project Pie

  1. o my belle so cute

  2. hi andi. your baby’s such a cutie! can i ask how many bottles of milk she consumes a day? does she eat more solid foods or more milk? thank u.

    1. 3 at most. She eats solid food most of the time now, milk is just for before sleeping/napping

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