Beautiful People: Tarlac Town Fiesta

Beautiful People Concept: Whenever I come by your town/ province, you always make sure to snap a photo with or of me. I would like to use this as a way to let you all know that I too, am always as ecstatic to see you all as you are to see me. For that reason, I would also like to capture your still moments in time. I hope this makes you feel as special as I do when you do the same. Spot yourselves! 😉

Beautiful people from last January 19, 2014. Town fiesta in TarlacIMG_0915IMG_0918IMG_0921IMG_0924IMG_0929IMG_0931IMG_0940IMG_0943IMG_0954IMG_0960IMG_0968IMG_0974IMG_0991IMG_1018IMG_1025IMG_1029IMG_1022IMG_1028IMG_1009IMG_0963IMG_0935IMG_0945IMG_0911IMG_1001IMG_0984IMG_1017IMG_1039

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2 thoughts on “Beautiful People: Tarlac Town Fiesta

  1. beautiful city tarlac

  2. Sayang nd ako nakapunta jan, but u know what, you have many die hard fans there in our province.

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