August Photo Diary [super late]


  1. Striped pyjamas.
  2. The male half of Myrves.
  3. The contoversial ig post. Allow me to explain: I understand and appreciate others’ concerns, but i am her mother and obviously I would not get her nowhere close to harm. Meaning, there are a million ways to cheat this. ie. your camera’s setting for moving photos. Easy peezy. Now we can all breathe in peace. 🙂
  4. Bored Belle.
  5. Cold weather outfit. Meow.
  6. Daily routine.
  7. I craved for this like a pregnant woman.
  8. Nomnoms.
  9. More work, more fun.
  10. Camwhoring like a Agua Bendita
  11. Sirellie.
  12. One Elle belle, please.
  13. Redlips with tha loyoung.
  14. Eigensisters.
  15. Angrily smiling. Smiling angrily.
  16. The grannies.
  17. Pinch.
  18. Skyrim ate the bro.
  19. Double pinch.
  20. See. It’s a daily routine.
  21. This house is almost as famous as Anne Curtis. Swear.
  22. Diviventure.
  23. Yeap we’re just friends.
  24. Pampering for me. Pampers for Ellie.
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1 thought on “August Photo Diary [super late]

  1. Hi andi! you baby is such a cutie! i have a pretty baby too and i want her birthday to be like ellie’s bday! (alice in the wonderland) may i know who is your party planner? hoping for your reply… thank you! and god bless!

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