Smart Parenting

Please be babes and grab a copy of this August’s issue of Smart Parenting with me and my Elle belle on the cover! It is now available in all bookstores. Thank yew! 😉


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4 thoughts on “Smart Parenting

  1. Hi Andi!!!!!!!!!! I’m KYRAAAAAAAAA Your #1 Fan Please Replyyyy!!!!!!!!!!! Mwahhhhhhh!!!!! Marmai ako gustong sabihin waaahhhhhhhhhh I LOVE YOUUUUU, Ako yung nagcocomment ng nagcocomment sa IG mo! :************** You’re so Pretty! You’re my IDOL super kadiduper Mwahhhhhhh ako si KYRANATIC sa IG! mwahhh

  2. ask stevie! ako young nag BBM sakanya gamut young Phone ni Reese ahaihihihihih Hi andiii! I BBM stevie my Number gagawin ko lahat para mameet kita waaaaaaaaaaaahhh :*

  3. i’ll surely grab a copy of smartparenting with you on the cover – I’m a member of the smartparenting forum as well – a young mom like you -0 ! hope to meet you soon God Bless

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