As a lot of you may have heard, last weekend, was the Magnum Summer Fling party held at The Tides, Boracay. I had loads of fun on this trip. It was not like the usual Boracay getaway, just as how its been for me, for the past 4 years, and though it was the shortest, this was surely a trip to remember. First, I need not go through the hassle of preparing for anything because we had the Magnum team to take care of it all for us. I ate like there was no tomorrow. I had a blast partying and having fun with my friends. I got to swim in the ocean after almost a year. We had our little pool party at District Hotel, where we were checked in. I met amazing people and had wonderful converstaions, made new friends! (yay to me not be an awkward loser, for once) and most of all, I had all the Magnum ice cream I wanted. All in all, I had a blast while wearing my new soak swimwear high waisted swimsuit! šŸ˜‰

I cannot wait for my next Boracay trip, when I can bring my Ellie for sure!

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6 thoughts on “#MagnumSummerFling

  1. Bakit sinked into water pero nkashades? #Hindikogets

  2. Hi, Andi! I was just wondering, what kind of camera did you use for the underwater pics? šŸ™‚

  3. Hi, Ms. Andi! I was just wondering what kind of camera did you use for the underwater pics? šŸ™‚

    1. i have a waterproof case for my canon g12

  4. would you happen to have the contact details of District Hotel? i cannot seem to find it on the internet. thanks a lot!

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