12 thoughts on “Magnum Summer Fling– Polaroids!

  1. Hello, Andie! I was just wondering if these are real Polaroids or did you use a specific program or something? :]

    1. theyre real ๐Ÿ™‚ i used my instax 21o to take them.

      1. Hi Andi, I hope you don’t mind me asking… What’s the brand of your swimwear?… It looks good…

  2. Hey Andy, could you give me one good reason why you chose the Instax 210 instead of the other instax? Was it because of its pic size? Although the 210 hella enormous/

    1. yup! basically just chose it for the size of its photos. i dont mind the hassle of carrying a large camera as long as the photos will be clearer :p

  3. can you replace your camera’s neck strap?

  4. Do you shake it while its developing?

  5. hello andie, i’ve been desperately trying to book the district hotel. what’s their contact? how did you book them?

  6. hey andi! i just want to ask which sunblock or moisturizer do you use? because i’m planning to buy sunblock / moisturizer but can’t find the best one..


    1. For my face i use the shiseido moisturizer w spf so I dont ruin my skin when i spend my time under the sun.

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