Go For Gold

I was actually supposed to sleep already but I just can’t help but share. I just finished browsing through Divine Lee‘s blog and saw her latest entry on Ad campaigns of different brands for children.

Now I am in such a hurry for Ellie to get just a little bit older. ONLY because I now have more future outfit inspirations for her.HAHAHA

I will surely add buying clothes for Ellie from the exact brands, to my to- do list, once I begin travelling. BUT. just a little, and only if she would be the type who would appreciate them. *crossing fingers*

Growing up, my mom was very practical when it came to my clothes and shoes. I had real nice branded clothes only for special occasions, and on a daily basis, all I have are the generic sandos and cotton shorts in different colors. This is because she believed that at my age, I wouldn’t really understand the value, nor notice the difference at all anyway. In short, maganda lang ako pag kasama ko sya sa public.hahahaha

Anyway, I am very firm about adapting this “technique” of hers to enhance my mothering skillz. Sadly, unlike my mother, I never understood the meaning of, SMART SHOPPING.  Hence, this only does nothing but keep me even more motivated about being able to materialise my future plans and long time dream, of opening my own children’s line. Don’t worry, I have my own ideas and style. Di ko plan gumawa ng divisoria focused on children’s wear, if thats what you think.Hindi din naman ako nagiilusyon maka- level sila. Inspiration lang naman yung mga nakita ko. Although I don’t think it would hurt to dream big, right?hahaha

Anyway goodnight!

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13 thoughts on “Go For Gold

  1. Hi Andi. Is the baby clothing line business you are planning to have only for girls? Thanks!

    1. nope! i also want to make for boys! 😀

  2. Hi andi what type of cesarian you have? Is it the bikini line? Or the other one? I hope to hear from you thanks

  3. With your artistic skills, you can always make plain cotton clothes cute.
    I hope you’d release a bathing suit line for babies and kids. There aren’t that many in the market.

    1. cool thanks! I could try 😉 but i doubt that’d be soon!haha

  4. Andi would just like to ask what camera do you use? BTW Your little Ellie is so cute. I have a 2 month old son also, his name is Iñigo 🙂

  5. For babies lang po ba ang pinaplano mo na clothing line?? sana for teens din po. I really love ur fashion po, magaling ka magadala ng damit.

    1. if my plan becomes a success, yes. Gusto ko rin talaga actually 🙂

      1. wow, pag pray ko na maging succesful ang itatayo mong business :))

  6. aww, baby’s got swag!

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