Today.. Was HOT

Since I got up considerably early today, I decided to take photos by the hour and document my entire day for the first time. It was fun! I will surely do this more often from now on.

9AM- Ellie belly just took a shower.ย 10AM- Telly time! How I wish Ellie’s cartoon shows are just like the ones I used to love before. (Upin and Ipin? ANYARE!) 11AM- Waiting for the folks to arrive.12AM- Checking out our backyard for my cousin’s shoot. This is why, how and where I learned to play ball. 2PM- My cousin Abby is a singer. She will be releasing her first single this summer. Be sure to check it out cus her song is amazing! The perfect LSS for the coming season. I swear! 3PM- The other side of our backyard. Wanted to show a photo of our pool to show why, where and how I earned my fins as well. but its not so photo- worthy at the moment.4PM- It was indeed a hot day today! (Pero ang saya ang magpicture- taking) Forgive my pimples, mawawala din yan.

**the missing hours consisted of getting ready, being stuck in horrible traffic/ travel time to baguio. Ay, Greenbelt lang pala. Dinner with Martin, Miel, Aj, tita Ferdi and his “afam” friends (im practicing my gay lingo, sorry haha) for Ellie’s dedication. Can’t wait!

10PM- Saab’s gig!!! Mali na naman outfit ko ayayay! 11PM- It was Cyndi Lauper night at Route 196, where Saab’s band, Duster, performed. Boys will Be Boys naman talaga ay fun. And of course, Time After Time! (Mahilig si ate sa inuulit na just sayin.)I love my family and I love my beshes!!!

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20 thoughts on “Today.. Was HOT

  1. sana everyday ka magpo’post ng phots nyo ni baby ellie. :)))

  2. hi andi,

    i love reading your blog. you are very beautiful person what is your beauty regimen.
    i actually have a lot of acne and i’m really suffering from it but the products that i bought doesn’t work. can you share your beauty regimen also. thanks

    1. i actually dont have a legit one.haha Since I was 13-14, only thing I put on my face besides water was pond’s. and thats it! I guess the trick is to justbe sure na malinis palagi ung face mo. baka pag nilagyan mo lang ng kung ano anong chemicals mas lalo lang maiinfect. ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Hi ate Andi,

    Ano po pala ang height mo??

    *avid fan*

      1. Wew, we’re just the same ๐Ÿ™‚

      2. What’s ur next project on abs?? Pwede na po ba malaman?/

  4. You got a basketball court and pool in your own backyard? Coolio!:D

  5. Hi gurl!! I am just dying to ask u how did u lose so much weight? I also just gave birth 3 months ago via C section. I hope to hear from u

    1. i guess, i normally am abke to shed off weight faster than usual because i eat healthy 90% of the time. Im not even allowed to exercise yet so i guess thats the secret. Consider healthy eating a part of your lifestyle rather than just a diet. Also, drink lots of water. and water alone. not even juices/ fruit shakes or alcohol ๐Ÿ™‚

      1. Thanks. Your baby is soo cute!! I wanna send u a pic of my son.. They will make a good tandem!! Lol

      2. How much weight did u gain?

  6. Andi, I’m a big fan but please don’t let Ellie watch TV. Studies show it causes Adhd and/or delayed brain improvement. I’ve seen it happen to my nephew and so far he was able to catch up kahit papaano
    (thanks to school). So please take care of Ellie for your and her fans ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. Hello Ate Andi!

    what camera do you used po? hoping for your reply ASAP gusto ko rin po kasi ng katulad sayo. ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. ate andi pwede poh pa fansign ito poh name ko – kenneth salcena thank you poh

  9. Hi. I Just wanna know if ano pong soap ginagamit ni Ellie? Cos i need a new soap for my 6month old baby. Please…

  10. miss are definitely one cool mom..:))

  11. Hi Andi whats the brand of your shades/sunnies or whatever? ๐Ÿ™‚

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